Arimidex and Tamoxifen

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Even though I've read last weeks posts on this subject, I still have some concerns about my choice-Arimidex. A month ago my Onco had me see my Gyn to OK Tamoxifen. At yesterday's appt. she told me some pros and cons of each refusing to offer any recomendation for my situation--ER+, 11+ nodes, and postmenapausal. Said it was her job to "educate me" and then it's my decision. I had concerns about Tam. so I chose Arimidex and now I'm second guessing my decision after reading for hours on the web which I should've done prior to yesterday but I was sure she was having me take Tamoxifen. Apparently Tamoxifen's benefits last 5 to 10+ years after you stop taking the pill ( which I guess is a plus assuming mets don't occur before the 5 years are up) and it's unknown if Arimidex does the same. And even though Arimidex looks promising, Tamoxifen remains standard with ASCO(but may change over time) as long term side effect and benefits are unknown with Arimidex. Anyway, she told me it didn't matter which one I took, ordered a bone density test Mon., and told me not to take any hormones. So am I being my usual silly self and fretting over nothing? Have any of you chosen Arimidex over Tamoxifen? I think most start out with Tam. and if problems pop up, switch. I guess after thinking things through, I should Tam. first. Oh, well, I make myself and everybody else crazy with my indecisions. Anyway, I took my first pill last night and now have stomach cramps. Forgotten what those were like!!!


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    I wasn't given a choice. I was put on Tamoxifen ... my Oncologist is aggressive in his treatments but also conservative and uses all the tied and true medications. I think you will do very well on the Arimidex. By the time your 5 years on that is up they will probably have something else for us to take so don't second guess yourself. Good luck!!! Jamie
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    Hi dear, the only thing I have heard, and believe me it was a small article in our local newspaper, is that they have discovered that Tamoxifen causes (rarely) a much more serious uterine cancer than they originally thought. A lot of people think Arimidex is better. Sighhhhh, I hate these decisions. But the statistics are irrefutable, choose one or the other. They do work. Gentle hugs, Shirlann