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My plastic surgeon is strongly advising me to opt for the inplants to do my bilateral reconstruction instead of choosing the back flap (latissimus dorsi back muscle) with a small inplant (silicone) for balance. He explained that with either surgery I should still expect future surgeries to replace the inplant eventually. If I choose the inplants only the recovery time is approx. two weeks and short time on surgical table. If I choose the latissimus dorsi flap w/inplant, I can expect 5 to 6 hours of surgery and an eight week healing time. My other concern is that he is in some kind of inplant study, and if I go that route I become part of the study. That's kind of scary for me. I don't really want to become some pharmacuetical house's lab rat. I also asked to see photos and they said they show me some three weeks prior to my (11/4) surgery??? They don't seem to have them set up in an album. Is that the norm??? I am feeling very emotional and confused as to the best decision. Anyone have the backflap surgery? Input would be appreciated.


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    Hi, Iris, you can access a whole lot of sites with your search engine that show photos of different reconstructions. I sure would NOT have silicone. It is not wrong for everyone, but the ones who have problems have silicone wrapped around their livers, in their lungs, etc. a real mess. Some are allergic and some have leakages. Try to go for saline. This is a natural substance and if you have a leak, it is reabsorbed into the body. I think I would get a second opinion on the whole thing. I suspect your doc is looking for someone for the study. SO, go to another plastic surgeon. My daughter-in-law just had tram flap and it took about 2 hours and she was back to work in two weeks. I know everyone is different, but I sure don't like the idea of silicone, several law suits, etc. Hugs, Shirlann
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    Dear Iris
    EVeryone is different and I can only speak from personal experience. I had the back flap thing done 14 months ago. I was off work 3 months. I was 43 at the time. If i had it to do over again I would not do it! I have since had it ''undone'' and am now happy with the prostectic in bra thing. To each his own and again I say you can only make the decision for yourself, but I I ahd to do it agian I would not go there. Im not trying to scare you or anything HONEST, just giving my own personal opiotn for what its worth from my own experience

    There that is my two cents worth
    God Bless,
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    I would love to talk to you. I will call you if you are willing. I am trying to make the same decision. Perhaps we could compare notes?
    I did as my surgeon for names of former patients with the latissimus.
    It is scary.
    My number is 908-687-4711, I live in NJ.
    Let's talk, it may help us both.