Waiting for a liver biopsy appt..Breast cancer in Jan. and lung cancer in April.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm scared again about what's happening. Breast cancer this January was scary enough, but then I had lung cancer surgery in April(upper left lobe removed). Now this???

I had a CT scan yesterday to recheck the other 2 spots in my right lungs. In july, after a PET scan I was told the 2cm nodule was not cancer. I thought I was going to have a great second half of the year. Bad news sure travels fast, my oncologist called me within an hour after the CT scan to tell me a 3cm lesion was found in my liver. I'm now waiting for a liver biopsy date.

Anyone out there had a liver biopsy?? What happens? I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the summer and sunshine. Thank you for all the prayers and support you've given me when I've posted you with my concerns and fears. I really need some major prayers and support at this time.

Hugs from Carolyn


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    Prayers comming your way//////Bobz1
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    How did they discover possible liver cancer? Was a blood test done which was elevated? I had lung cancer surgery in March and after a recent physical and blood tests, one of the tests came back elevated. They did another bone scan then just did a ct scan. Seeing doctor tomorrow to see if anything showed up.

    Good luck to you and hope everything goes well, try and keep a positive attitude, it really does help.