Breast cancer in Jan. Lung cancer in April, and now waiting for a liver biopsy date

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Hi Everyone,
Here I am again asking you all for some major prayers and support. Went for a CT yesterday to check those spots in my lungs again. Bad news sure travel fast, my oncologist called me within the hour to tell me that a 3cm lesion was found in my liver. How can this be happening to me??? Breast cancer this January was bad enough, but then I had the upper left lobe in my lungs removed in April, and now this. How could all this happen to me?

The oncologist said the spots in my lungs were stable. When I heard in July the spots were not cancer after a PET scan, I thought it was clear sailing for me and that the second half of this year could only improve from the first half of the year. Hope to hear soon about a biopsy appt. Want to find out as soon as possible about the liver lesion.

Has anyone had a liver biopsy? What happens?
I really need your prayers and support. I'm afraid again and having a hard time staying positive this time around. Thank you for all the support you've given me in the past when I've posted you with my concerns. It really helps to know that I can count on prayers and support from the group.

I hope you're all doing well, having a great summer and enjoying the sunshine.

Hugs from Carolyn


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    Hi Carolyn, I am so sorry to hear about all that is happening to you. Don't give up HOPE, be strong and stay possitive. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Lots of good wishes, hugs and prayers coming your way. God bless you. Love Emmi
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    My dear Carolyn, you are right, this is too much! Damn disease, don't give up though, if you can get on AOL's site, they have a very large group of gals called Stage IV Amazons. These women are fighting mets and a whole lot of them are doing very well. They just jump on whatever comes up and a lot of them are 6, 8 12 years post diagnosis. So try to get on, you can just put AOL in your search engine and you usually can have 1000 hours free so you can play around with the site. It is so wonderful. ALL the gals are in the same boat with you and all are floating very well. Hang in there! Gentle hugs, Shirlann