Catching up??

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I had an axillary node dissection last friday.This was the second surgery in three weeks and was a little harder than the first as far as recovering fast. However, it was easier than the first because I am more knowledgeable about what is going on. Thanks to having found this site.
I start chemo in two or three weeks. Not looking forward to being tired but anxious to get started.
Would love to get some e-mail


  • judy22
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    Hi there. Sorry for more surgery. Chemo had not been that bad for me. I did get tired but that goes with it You will do alright. If yo would like my e-mail address is [email protected] Feel free to mail me anytime you would like. Judy
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    Hey Eva!! Now be good! *grin* It's important to let your body heal properly... just as all these lovely people keep telling us over and over... ask me how I know! *laughs* I have learned to listen a bit better with all of this....

    Are you eating well now? Taking your supplements, etc.? Get your body strengthened in these next few weeks... I am glad that I did and wish I could do it over and be even better about it! *smiles*
    What kind of chemo are you scheduled for?

    *tight hugs* Keep us up to date... I'll write more to you later.. just got home from a wee vacation!