Need info on radiation to spine

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Dear Friends:
I have been having a lot of back pain for the past couple of weeks, and had an MRI done last week. The doctor wants me to have radiation treatments to the spine, and I am concerned about negatives. Have any of you had radiation to your spine for bone mets and resulting pain? Did it help? How long did it help? Were there any side effects? Would you recommend it? Thank you for any information you can send my way.
May God bless each and everyone of you. Please remember me and my husband when you pray. I do hope you are having a really good day.
Love and hugs and lots of prayers, Brenda


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    I did not have focused radiation to my spine, but I did have radiation each day that passed through my spine. I had 6 way radiation to minimize damage to my spine and it worked. Only my esophagus was damaged and it does not cause me any more problems. As I lay on that table each day I prayed that the radiation was doing its job and not damaging any other tissues. I know they scare you with the all the side effects. Maybe you can ask the doctor for a name of someone who has just gone through it and talk with them. You are special and I pray for you daily. I'll ask for God's protection of your spine.

    Love and God Bless,
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    I have heard radiation can be very beneficial to those with much pain I hope that you are also helped. I don't think they need to do that many before some of the benefits can be felt. My thoughts are with you and your family,
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    Hi, dear sister Brenda. On AOL's site that has a Stage IV Amazon section for gals with mets, many of the gals are years out from bone mets. If you are gonna have them, they are the easiest to treat. Yes, you most definitely want the radiation. You might go for years with no further trouble. Lots of the gals on AOL have had mets pop up over many years and you just handle each one as it comes along and should do just fine. Do you have Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book? It is good. Remember, in the case of mets, especially bone mets, radiation is our friend. Gentle hugs, Shirlann