Things Always Change

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I just want to share with anyone who is going through treatment and wonders if life will ever be the same again ... well nothing ever stays the same (thank God) but you will feel better. I was marveling this weekend about how much energy I had and just how good I felt and how I will never take that for granted again. I was miserable during chemo and radiation. I was weak, tired, foggy, you name it ... I even went into big depression. I've been out of treatment for 14 months now and feel fabulous!!! Life will return ... and for me it's even better!!! Good luck to all ... hang in there ... we are stronger than we realize! Jamie


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    You are so right Jamie,
    Even after battling some of the treatment hangovers and side affects I too am finally have times that I haven't felt this well in years. It gives me hope that more days are to come and being hopeful changes the way we look at things. I will be the first to say nothing has been the same since this thing called breast cancer. Having stage 3 just meant all the chemo I could stand, I knew as much. The heavier I got the more I got. That is the way. I have learned not to compare myself to what was because I am nothing like I was. I am learning to accept all that I am still after these past 5 years. One thing is for sure I wouldn't want the normallicy since it obviously wasn't working hence the cancer growing. I am learning to live with the NEW and improved me because one just can't think the same way we once did after surviving all this. I am hopeful that I too will find this life of mine better and that is my hope for all of you.
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