mom has lung cancer

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My mom has lung that will kill her. Within the next year. Treatment isn't an option. I had cancer last year and underwent 6 months of treatments (four of chemo and two of radiation). My mother never came to see me the whole time I was sick and she only lives 15 miles from here. She is a very selfish, self-centered woman that only does what suits her. She is also very mean. You can imagine what kind of childhood we had. I finished my treatment in April and she got diagnosed in May. During my treatment I lost my grandfather (how was like a father to me) to liver cancer. She said some very mean things to me after she was diagnosed when I tried to help her. My Dr. said that I needed to stay away from her until I was emotionally and physically ready. Between the loss of my grandfather who was the most loving family man I know and my own disease I was to weak to go to her and put up with her demanding personality. Not to mention she had cancer. I just fought it and just lost someone I loved very much to the very timing of it all was hard to handle The icing on the cake was when she told me that I had no idea what it was like to have cancer and to be afraid of dying. No, I had no idea after what I just went through. I watched a man fall to the floor in my oncologist's office and learned that he passed away before they got him in an ambulance. Her words hurt me so bad I had to leave my wonderful husbanded kid and go stay in a hotel. I e-mailed her every day when I was sick giving her update. Well to make a long story even longer. MY mother has 5 kids--and only two of us speak to her. We don't have a relationship with her. My sister who lives in Maryland stays in very little touch with her. We also have three brothers. One hasn't spoken to her in 12 years and the other in 8. We still have one more brother who has spent most of his life in prison. He got out of prison long enough to get married and have to beautiful children and then to disappear again. --He is truck driver who gave up his parental rights of his children when he found out his wife had AIDS He is a drunk that drive a truck and can't manage to stay in one place at time or manage to stay out of prison.