Big Bumps

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OK I mat be tripping, but my new additions seem to be much larger than anticipated...They were supposed to Bs like the originals were;but evertime I look down their there in my face....Anyone else going through this or perhaps its all in my head or perhaps it is my bumpers???


  • martyzl
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    Aha! Hello Sevey! These things have a mind of their own!

    How long ago did you have your surgery? I was told it would take a good 6 months for things to calm down. I ordered a "b" cup and right after surgery it seemed HUGE. *laughs* It's been 6wks tomorrow and it's a quite full "b"-ish cup now. We may liposuction off some of the top as it's fuller than my original on top. No slope.

    *ponders* Also, the surgeon's idea of a "b" and what you had as a "b" could be worlds apart! I always joked that my original breasts were a "b" **IF** I rolled them up! *grin* Gravity does funny things... I'm 37 and breastfed 2 children... that adds it's own "dimension", surely.

    What I find odd is how heavy and firm the Tram is! Did you do implants or TRAMflap?

    Have a wondrous day!
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    Hi, honey, be patient, there is always residual swelling that takes weeks to totally resolve. Hugs, Shirlann