Marty....I need a good laugh, where are you???

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Hi Marty, heading for chemo tomorrow 8/29/02
write something so I can have a good laugh when I get home.......Thanks ....


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    Okay, did you hear about the dumb blonde who was walking with her friend and the friend says, "Oh, damn, there is my boyfriend in the flower shop getting me a big bouquet". The blonde said, "Why is that bad?". The gal says, "Well I really didn't want to spend the weekend on my back with my legs in the air". The blonde says after a while, "Gee, don't you have a vase?"

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    *swooping in, cape flapping behind me...*
    *hand to ear* Hark! I hear a distress call!! *Hands on hips, Babette thrust forward for all she's worth* (and I bet that's a tidy sum in itself!! *wink*

    Ok Emmi.. where shall we go? Do you want me to take you to the beach with Babette?

    The sand whispering to the grasses, the waves rolling in, all bluster then sneaking away to pick up strenth and return anew...
    The sun is warm and comfortable, the breeze plays with your shirt, tugging, pulling, billowing...
    There is healing here... you can feel it, Emmi, the sun fills your body with the warm, healing energy. Every cell pulses to a perfect rythm, healing, flowing, living. Perfect. Full. Yes.

    The breeze surrounds you, fills you with love and knowing all is well. You relax, your face carressed by the breeze, you breathe. Life is good.

    *tight, energy/love/healing hugs*
    You are doing BEAUTIFULLY Emmi!!! I am so proud!!! *more hugs 'til you squeal*
    Marty (give me more time and I'll get wound up here eventually.. ye' caught me just before my nap!!! *laughs*)
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    Naughty joke..
    I figure I'll cover all the bases for you Emmi! *wink*

    Some friends are playing cards.
    Eric accidentally drops some cards on the floor.
    When he bends down under the table to pick them up, he notices that Dave's wife, Sandy, was not wearing any underwear. Shocked by this, he hits his head on the table and emerges red-faced. Later, when Eric goes to the kitchen to get some refreshments, Sandy follows him and asks, "Did you see anything under the table the table that you liked?"
    Eric admits, "Well, yes I did." She says, "You can have it, but it will cost you $100." After a few seconds of thought, Eric indicates that he is definitely interested. She tells him
    that since Dave works late on Friday afternoons and Eric doesn't, that he should come to the house at around 2:00 PM on that day. Friday comes and Eric goes to her house at 2:00 PM sharp. After paying her the $100, they go to the bedroom, have sex for a few hours and then Eric leaves. Dave comes home about 6:00 PM that evening and asks his wife, "Did Eric come by this afternoon? Totally shocked, Sandy replies, "Yes, he did stop by for a few minutes."
    Next Dave asks, "Did he give you $100?" Sandy thinks, 'Oh hell, he knows!' Staring down at the floor she reluctantly
    admits, "Yes, he did give me $100." Good," Dave says. "He came by the office this morning and borrowed a hundred bucks but said he'd stop by the house on his way home and pay me back.
    You know, it's really good to have friends you can trust."