CT & Bone Scan results...

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Well, geez, since I cannot get into trouble anywhere else and I have run of CSN at the moment.. guess I'll just fill up some more space, eh? *grin*

Forgot to share that Monday we found that my bone scans were clear! Whee! The CTs (chest and abdomen) looked good in all, vaguely questionable area at the pancreas but the onc. said to disregard, likely the dye hadn't gotten in there yet. *shrugs* We'll be playing with the CTs/scans in about 6 months, he says. Fine with me.. something about playing about with radioactive dyes and such.. makes me a wee bit..ahmm.. nervous? *laughs* Here is to many more, clear, pretty scans.. for each and every one of us!!!
Can you tell that I am feeling better now? *smiles* (yak, yak, yak..)

Be well.


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    I'm glad you're feeling better, brightens up the whole board.
  • judy22
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    Way to go Marty. I am so glad for you. Sure wish mine had come back good. I don't post much but I read them all the time and I enjoy yours. I sure wish it wasn't on this site for any of us, but sometimes yours make me laugh a little. I think it's the way you word everything. So thanks right now I need a bit of sunshine. Judy
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    I too enjoy your postings. You can always find humor in the bleakest of experiences. And it makes all of us just a little bit less alone.
    My question to you: what are you like when you are your healthy self? A pistol, I suspect :)