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Hello to anyone else also looking for the right support network to land in...I waver between feeling devastated and petrified to feeling guilty since there are so very many other much much worse off than I. I was unlucky enough to have a rare brain tumor, but lucky enough for it to be benign. Two years later is has returned and I am just now in the waiting period before another surgery and to find out if it has remained benign or turned malignant. Regardless, I will go through radiation after the surgery as part of my treatment. It is killing me just waiting. I can hardly breathe. I am trying to be brave and learn from others. I am mostly petrified at wondering about a life-expectancy. I cannot bear to leave my young son and fantastic husband. That is why I am looking in this category "adult survivors"...for someone who can give me hope. Are you out there? My name is Lisa.