Stage II & Metastasis

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I was wondering how many woman here had Stage II Breast Cancer and it metastasised (sp?). As all of you can relate, I'm over a year out from treatment but I'm constantly wondering if its somewhere else. Thanks and hugs to you all.


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    blackb one will drive themselve's crazy worrying and wondering about it all the time. I don't know, it is like we are suppose to live just in spite of it all. Some of us struggle daily with quality of life issues but manage to keep a pretty good sense of humour about it all. Being positive all the time is like asking someone to be perfect, it just doesn't happen.
    stage two low on the scale of agressive cancers, but yes I bet you can find some that mastesised years later depending how much they managed to change the way they thought and lived. I know what I did wasn't working cause I smoked even though I took real good care of myself otherwise. Now that I quit I think I might have a chance to live some years here, LOL cause living day to day is the hardest of all the things to do so I say. I need to go have head examined cause I am not ready to settle for this for the rest of my life. I don't want to accept this cause it goes against something I believe. "NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO SUFFER". I am not sure if I can ever really wrap my head around anything else but I guess after this past year it is looking like I will have to accept every puking moment of it.
    I guess I am making up for every year I didn't get sick cause I can hardly keep my guts anymore. No one worries about that except me. So..........................
    Accept it is cause there really isn't anything else.
    Love ya all,
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    I have stage 3B breast ca and it did mets. in the liver. That happened in 1999 and all though it is always there you just learn to take it one day at a time and be thankful for that day If you don't you will drive yourself crazy. Aiways be aware of this but don't live your life on what if's. judy