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Hi to all of you gorgeous ladies and some gentlemen:
I have a question about lower blood pressure. For the last two months mine has been 117/75; where on chemo it would stay 145/85, and before cancer it would be 120/80. My question is, has anyone else felt less peppy when their bp numbers got lower? I felt stronger with more energy when the numbers were higher. I have only known one person who made this complaint, but he had extremely high blood pressure, and when his got within the normal range he would complain that he didn't have any energy.
I am just curious and would like any feedback any of you might have on blood pressure and energy levels. I do know that my current numbers are excellent - if I were a young healthy adult. I'm not sure, when you are 57 and been on so many drugs, and have cancer in remission. My doctor didn't seem to think anything of it.
Thank you for any info you might have. As always you are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Love and hugs, Brenda


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    I have a mother who has blood pressure problems and has these attacks where her pressure plumets and you can't find a pulse but know she is ok cause she is still talking. I have seen parametics very concerned cause they can't get her pulse. She just flakes right out. Usually happens cause something not mixing with her meds. But has had problems for years with. She has angina and had angioplasty 11 years ago and needs it again. Something to think about. She swears she feels better and does better when her pressure slightly elivated.
    hope it helps,
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    Hi Brenda,

    when I went for my taxol, my numbers were sky-high - like 200/100 or in that range. Now I'm in the 130's/ 70-80's butdon't notice any difference in energy levels.

    Too low BP will make you dizzy sometimes when bending or getting up quickly. My BP readings are all over the place but I take no meds for it because I'd probably pass out when it went down normally.

    It seems to me that doctors think BP can never be too low but I think they are overdoing it. When I was a bit younger than you, it was about what you have now.

    Did you try 'google'?

    Hugs, Jean
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    Hi, dear as far as whether lower numbers are better, the answer is yes. I certainly would think so. Is your energy level lower, yes. I have two good friends who has horribly high blood pressure and on meds, both complained bitterly of no energy and cold all the time. Best you talk this over with your doc. He should have all the answers. But I am sure that low blood pressure makes you more tired. (A lot of high people won't take their medicines because of the loss of energy, not smart). Hugs, Shirlann
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    Brenda, My blood pressure has also been about the same as yours, but was not high on chemo, but higher before treatment. Situational response to stress. I don't notice that my energy is less, but I get Procrit shots for low RBC. How are your blood counts? Do you take vitamins with iron? This recently was a suggestion for me by my nurse. Do you go for walks. I am 58, too. :) Pauletta