age 25 - stage 3A - need positive feedback please!

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Hello. I am 25 and was just diagnosed with breast cancer, stage IIIA. First message ever posted! I just started chemo and (big surprise) am feeling quite sick! If anyone can give me any helpful hints I would appreciate it. I am especially interested in hearing from anyone who has survived that is around my age or had my stage of cancer. We need positive/hopeful information only please. Thank you so much for any feedback you can provide!

(By the way my daughter picked the user name, and my sister-in-law is posting the message for me!)


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    I'm not in the same group as you, but I wanted to let you know that there are many ladies that have survived that are in your category. Try to learn as much as you can about nutrition, emotional well-being, combating those nasty side effects, and lean on your loved ones. I'll be praying for you and hoping you keep us posted. I am positive that the ladies on this site will give you lots more info than I can. God bless you and your family.
    Love, Jayne
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    Hi Pretty Woman! I'm so sorry that you have to deal with breast cancer, especially at such a young age. Six years ago (a month before my 40th. birthday) I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, with a lump in my armpit (so it was at least stage 3). I had a mastectomy, chemo for 3 months before surgery and 9 months after surgery, and 6 weeks of radiation. I've also taken Tamoxifen for almost 5 years (1 more month to go). Thanks to a wonderful team of doctors and modern medicine, I'm doing great today. I know you feel lousy now, but there will be better days ahead. Don't dwell on the stage of your cancer. Many women are surviving advanced breast cancer. Think positive thoughts. Neenie
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    Hello there,
    I am not your same stage, but am kinda more your age. I was 29 when diagnosed (Just last year). I had a mastectomy and had 2 lymph nodes positive. I went thru 5 rounds of AC and did all this while I was pregnant with my second baby. I just had him little under 6 weeks ago and everything is great. I am currently undergoing Taxol for 4 months. I found you just have to have faith and live for the moment. I look at my new baby boy and thank God for him, he saved my life and am soooo grateful to him. Just think, chemo will end soon. That's how I thought about it and still do since I still have alot to go. I would love to stay in touch with you so please email me if you would like.
    [email protected]
    Keep your chin up and God Bless
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    Hi there, I just recently turned 36 (this month) so I'm still a little older than you :-). I finished chemo in May of this year and am currently going through radiation. It was not easy to say the least but I will tell you that you can DEFINITELY MAKE IT THROUGH IT!!!!! My positive advise would be to be true to yourself. If you're not feeling well be honest, and let your body get the needed rest. Hopefully your support team will respect that. This is the time in your life that you really do call the shots!!! If you need me---let me know :-)
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    hey there. I'm not your age but was dx with stage 3B breast ca in 1997 and I am still going strong. Just hang in there it will get better. Judy
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    I am sorry to hear your of your diagnosis but yes we do survive. I was told at diagnosis since 11 out 21 lymph nodes were positive and with the lump that grew in a week I had an aggressive form and they had to hit me with all they had. So they did. Mastectomy, chemo and radiation. I eventually had the second breast removed a year later after having 4 lumps couldn't take them wanting to leave them knowing they couldn't gaurante they would stay a cyst they could turn into cancer. I finally knew it had to go to give me alittle piece of mind. It Did.
    Hang on tight in for the ride of your life. You sound like you have some great gals around you including the daughter. I had a 14 year old son and he too survived transforming into the son of my dreams. What a man he has become.
    I like to chat hope to see you sometime,
    Be good to yourself, always,
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    i'm a little older than you (36) but i was diagnosed with stage 3A also. my tumor was the size of a small lemon. i found it about 2 months before my son was born. check out my web page for the whole story. i've had 4 chemo treatments (AC-Adriamycin/Cytoxin), a lumpectomy, 2 more AC treatments and now i'm on radiation. what's your chemo? sometimes chemo makes you sick all the time and sometimes just when you start it then it gets better. i'm hoping for the latter. the main thing i can tell you is BE POSITIVE!!! attitude is everything. i'm glad you found this site. the women here are amazing. you have lots of sisters here. we are here for you. let us help as much as we can. God bless. Vicki :)
    i'm on here every day. maybe i'll catch you in the chat room. :)
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    Hi ya prettywoman, I can relate to you situation, while I am almost 20 years older than you, (it is devistating at any age) I too had stage III with two positive nodes. That was about 16 months ago. I have been on chemo, *(MY LAST TREATMENT was 16 days ago) radation and surgery... it will all be ok.. If i can get thur this so can you... !! IM still here!!! and i HAVE LEARNED ALOT FORM living on planet cancer for the last year and half.....

    be glad to talk anytime
    [email protected]
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    My name is Jennifer and I am another 25 year old in this battle with breast cancer. Although I am still in the staging phase (had my lymph node dissection on Tuesday) I know it is a tough journey, but I also know we just need loads of determination and support to get through it. Know you have all of my support anytime you need a friend.