Next phase in Marty's Adventure!!!

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Today I shall begin the next phase of my adventure. Yes, I am scared.

We are scheduled to start at 2.15pm. The infusion will last for 2.5 hrs, the first 2 hrs or so will likely be the anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, etc. Then the actual chemo drug will start. (5FU, Epirubicin & Taxol)

Dean will be going with me to keep me under control. We'll have to take some things to keep me quiet and occupied so I don't end up flashing Babette to everyone else there or some such thing...

We will be using my port for the first time today as well... that makes me a bit nervous as well...

Yesterday I took my first dose of homeopathic remedy for the cancer and am taking many herbs and such to help support my body during this. (yes, my Onc. knows all about the stuff! )

If anyone has a moment to think good thoughts and empower the chemo to do it's job and nothing but it's job, I'd greatly appreciate it!! My last chemo experience was almost 5 yrs ago now, with Mum and her bladder cancer... not the best experience! This will be much better. Has to be!!!

Be well all! I'll let you know how I am doing with this new stuff as soon as I can!


  • grannyjayne
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    Good luck Marty,
    I'm thinking of you and sending good energy thoughts. Sending you an e-mail.
    I have an appt tomorrow with my primary doctor and one with the Oncologist on Thursday so we can decide where to go from here with my treatment.
    Thank you again for inspiration.
    Peace and blessings,
    Eva Jayne
  • grandma
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    Hi Marty, hope your treatment went well, I didn't have the same as you're having so, I can't say I know how you feel. I am hoping you fly thru it with no problems. I also have a port, was the best thing for chemo. I will pray for you. Hang in there and be strong and kick cancer butt!!!
    ps. when I say I will pray for someone, I really do.
  • banker
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    Oh Marty, you are so funny. You will do fine with the port and be happy you have it in the long run. I have one also (my second). I used to flash my "Babette", still do . anyone that wants to see it, ha ha. Going for chemo on thursday, yuk... but it has to be. I will be thinking of you. Take good care of yourself and let us know how you make out, which I am sure you will. You have a great sense of humor. Looking forward to your next posting... God bless you... Love Emmi
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    Hi Marty, hope your chemo went well. I still get tired easily myself. Let me know how you're doing. God Bless, Adele
  • pamtriggs
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    Dear Marty
    My experience with chemo has made me add the following to my arsenal to help recover more quickly & reduce the side effects. VItamins B & C in large doses (twice the RDM) and a health supplement called Myco Defense. This is based on chaga mushrooms & others from an old North American Indian cure for cancer. It really helps with the side effects. Also make sure you take all the junk the hospital provides as it really helps. I have been told by my oncologist that we are our own worst enemy when it comes to neutropenia (low white counts) as it is usually the bugs we carry all the time that zap in & hit us when our immune system is dowm so that is where the myco defense really helps. Once I started on this I stopped getting the pneumonia & cystitis I kept getting with the chemos. Give them a try & good luck. I start CMF tomorrow after having gone through Adriamycin & then Taxotere.

    Love & hugs