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After mastectomy in April, I was put on Arimidex and Zoladex implant every 3 months. This is causing instant menopause and I cant sleep at night and feel lousy during the day from lack of sleep. Anyone else on this and can give some advice?


  • shirlann
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    Hi, honey, is the non-sleep because of the hot flashes? Talk to your doc and see if the pills are to blame, you can also ask for sleeping pills until your body adjusts to all the changes. Many hugs, Shirlann
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    A agree with Shirlann, consider something to aid sleeping. Every aspect of life is made more difficult by exhaustion. And the more I read the more important it sounds to the healing process to get sufficient sleep. I'd never taken sleeping medicine in my life - but find it is absolutely essential. And look into alternatives. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms.
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    Good morn' Shingi!

    Well, I was injected w/just Zoladex on July 31st- just 2wks.. but no major probs sleeping (yet? *grin*)... I tend to go toward herbs for such things. I know Valerian can be good. Do you have a good health food store nearby which might employ a nutritionalist or herbalist? Be sure to mention your cancer/chemo, etc. to them and to mention the idea of herbs to your Onc. as well. There are many herbs and "alternatives" which can be used safely with chemo and cancer.. just research and go with a qualified individual. Relaxation exercises might be good too. Try to start with the least invasive and work up...

    Best of everything for you!
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    i'm on Arimidex and i haven't had too much trouble sleeping. mine was more with the chemo (Adriamycin-Cytoxin). i took Ambien to help me sleep. i don't like many things over the counter because they make me wake up groggy the next morning. definately talk to your doc about having trouble sleeping. he/she might have some suggestions. God bless. :)