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Does anyone have any information on "Estring". My oncologist prescribed it even though I had breast cancer. Estrogen is a very low dose in this ring that is inserted in vagina. It is supposed to help dryness and atrophy.( and improve sex life) I'm too young to give up on it. I tried Replens, but didn't have any success. I am one year post chemo treatment. I was on tamoxifen for 7 months and then tried arimidex. No other real serious problems, except aching joints, etc. I'd appreciate any insight anyone has. Thank you and God Bless.Wendy


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    Hi! I would check with your Oncologist about using any estrogen if you are Estrogen positive. It may be so little it won't do anything but I wouldn't want to take any chances. Good luck! HUGS!! Cathy