tired alot friend suggests herbs/complimentary ?

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i'm not sure about this herbal thing anyone else here on complimentary herbs?


  • grandma
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    hi, I was told or read it somewhere that the herbs could counteract some medications.
    I would ask a Dr.Hope you feel better.
  • georgeann
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    grandma said:

    hi, I was told or read it somewhere that the herbs could counteract some medications.
    I would ask a Dr.Hope you feel better.

    I too was told that I should not use any herbs, "tonics" or other food supplements without talking to the doctor. Some also contain soy which can be a problem if your tumor is Estrogen+. I always thank my friends and say that the doctor has asked me not to. That seems to make them feel better about offering but still doesn't make me feel obligated to accept them.
    I hope this helps.
  • shirlann
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    Hi, dear, the last gal had a good suggestion about checking with your doc, always good advice. But having said that, if you are not on any more treatment I would go for it. I take 11 vitamin supplements, most especially a good B complex. My energy level has returned to normal and I am 67. I work 4 days a week. You need to know if you are on radiation or chemo, no supplements are allowed. But once you are off them, I would go full tilt. I take C, E, a multiple for the small minerals (the multiples contain small amounts of C & E but not enough, selenium, grape seed, flax seed, fish oil, garlic, beta carotene, folic acid,
    and cranberry seed. I feel great and I would recommend them to anyone, as long as you are not on any treatment. Since they fight free radicals, and chemo & radiation ARE free radicals, they are not for this period of time. But now, go for it, Shirlann
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    Good morn' Katabo! Are you eating *really* well? Are you taking any B vitamins? I have been taking a B-100 complex and it's amazing the difference it makes. Stress knocks out alot of your "B"s and it can drag you down. I am also taking many other supplements, herbals, etc. I consult a homeopath, a nutrion specialist and an oncologist through all of this and am very pleased with how I am feeling thus far. My onc is very supportive of me using the other support (nutrition, herbs, homeopathy). I am doing everything I can to keep myself "whole". I feel great, in spite of the fact that I used to tend toward depression and was severely depressed several years ago. In addition to the B vitamins, I would suggest looking into St. Joan's or St. John's Wort. It's a great support for fighting cancer and it's outstanding for many people dealing with depression as well. It takes several weeks to build up in one's system as an anti-depressant, as do prescribed anti-depressants. (I took most available prescriptions with all manner of reactions, finally asked the Dr. if I could use St. John's Wort, he said yes, it has the same active ingredients in it and it worked beautifully) Do be careful of sun exposure, it makes one photo-sensitive if not careful. (IE: Sitting at the ocean for hours- ask me how I know!! *wink*) If I can be of help, do write to me!

    Be well!
    Marty ([email protected])