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I took a bunch of test Tuesday. Pelvic, Transuterin, and breast sonograms. Chest x-ray and mammogram. On the mammogram they called me back in for a cone compression on a suspicious spot. I almost freaked out but I held it together until the nurse came in and told me the spot vanished with the new picture. I get all the official results on Monday but ... I have been getting cycst on my ovaries and I wondered if anyone has asked for or talked the doctors into a hysterectomy ... without really needing it. Thanks


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    Hi, Jamie, I want to start out by saying this is my own personal viewpoint, I am certainly not a doctor, but if you have your family and are not planning on more children I would think about a hysterectomy. I wish to goodness I had had one. We as BC survivors are 4 times as likely to have ovarian cancer and of course, you never need a pap smear again. It just makes sense. Women with no ovaries have 70% less breast cancer too. I am an opinion of one, but if I could, I would have one in a New York minute. Hugs, Shirlann