Anyone done a glute flap?

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Hi, I am meeting with the lovely plastic boys this week to see what options I have. Since I'm thin, I'm hearing the only flap I can do is the glute. What are the pros, cons? Anyone in LA willing to show me in person???My surgery will be by the end of the month I'm sure.



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    Good morn' C!

    Wellll... I had ample bum tissue to have done this but the mate said "no way"... he's rather partial to it the way it is. *grin*

    Now ye' see... this is where it was awfully handy to have had a laparascopy with D&C 2 yrs ago... it left me with a very little belly which I'd just gotten used to! After 2 children, I'd never had a belly! Now I did. It was **just** big enough to give me a "B" cup breast (fondly referred to as "Babette". Mind you, I did have to be cut from one point of my hip bone to the other and I'm not "thin". I'm lightly upholstered. *wink*

    Hmmm.. I read somewhere, I think in the plastic man's it was a web site I found, that the glute flap is the last route to go.
    Poke around in there, they have info. on all the different procedures.

    Gosh, if you are like me, you'll have people begging to donate their bellies for your tram! *teasing grin*

    Best of everything, use your gut.. well, not literally, I suppose. *grin* You'll do beautifully!

    Love, Marty ([email protected])
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    hi, here's some info on the gluteal or butt flap. It's usually only done when implants or tissue transfer from tummy or back are not possible. The incision is usually made in the crease of the butt (so it doesn't show later), and the skin, muscle and tissue are removed. The tissue is reshaped into a breast and the vessels are reconnected to the chest or upper arm.

    You'll lose some feeling in your upper thigh as well as in the buttocks, because the nerves are severed (similar to mastectomy effects). Ask your doctor about potential problems if you have back trouble or sciatica. Post-op, you'll have drains there too, so sleeping or sitting may be uncomfortable or awkward for a while.

    LIke the TRAM flap, the glute flap makes a good reconstruction; the added bonus is you get a little "butt tuck." Best of luck....