The joys of CT's and Bone scans...

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Good day all! Just had my first-ever CT's (abdominal & chest). It wasn't bad but I was totally overlooking the fact, after reading all the posts here that **I** would have to have these tests too!! *laughs*

The bone scan is scheduled for tomorrow. Had to change "arenas" last minute as the local bone scan man doesn't take our insurance... *sigh* This insurance stuff is SO silly...

Feeling a bit concerned about doing CT's today, bone scan (radioactive dyes) tomorrow and then first chemo Friday... seems like a lot for my body at one go!

Any comments, stories, experiences with any of this stuff that you'd care to share? Do they normally do these things in one week?

Thanks so much to all. All my best. Be well! ~Marty


  • cekramer
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    Hey Marty, Thanks for the TRAM tale, That was scary to read but fun.
    I just did bone and CT scans in ONE DAY. It was tough just 'cos I was just rx'd with a recurrence and still emotional. Just take someone with you and you'll be fine.
    The bone is the easiest, quick injection then you sleep on a table while the machine hovers over your body like a spaceship.
    I am seeing my surgeon today to discuss the glute flap, did you consider that option? Not sure what to do if I can't do it since already had radiation and implants I hear are out. Argh. take care. keep writing! I'm only 35 too.
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    There's really nothing to it. Just a lot of time. I don't like being so still. Make yourself comfortable. I told them I wanted to see my scan on the screen afterwards. It's neat to see your whole skeleton on the computer. Too bad they couldn't make it dance! Good luck. Next time I promised myself I'd bring a headset. Once I fell asleep for a bit. I've had 3 bone scans.
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    Hi Marty, I had CTs, X-Rays and Bone scan in 2 days, chemo the following week, I did fine,all just timeconsuming, but it has to be done. I am sure you will be fine. Take care....hugs....Emmi