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Ok, I have finally found time to post again! Things have been crazy as you surely all understand. It's been 2wks since my mast/tramflap and I am due to start chemo this Fri.

There were 3 out of 22 nodes positive and 2 more tumors in the breast tissue. One was insignificant (.5), the other was 1.5cm!! Neither of these had shown on ultrasound or mamm. Glad, personally, I followed my gut and did the mastectomy... One of the nodes was 1cm and turning into a tumor as well.. At least it's out, eh? *smiles*

Chemo soup du jour will be 5FU, Epirubicin and I believe it is Cytoxan.. have to check again. I opted not to go for the Herceptin study as it's a 50% chance of receiving it and I'm not in the mood for any more let-downs. *smiles*

Funny, people hear that I had positive nodes and get so depressed... I was tickled that there were only 3!! I'd learned that with E/R(-) and Her2Neu (3+), coupled with the size of my tumour (2.5cm), that it wouldn't have been surprising to have 7 or more nodes positive... I was pleased with 3! *shrugs* I choose to think it's a good thing. Sure, they could have been clear and that would have been wonderful but hey, this isn't all bad!

Anybody out there with experience with this particular chemo regime? I'll be taking it every 3 wks for 6 sessions and the infusion will be 2.5hrs. (most of which will likely be all the precursory stuff...)

Oh! I had Dean give me a buzz cut with curls in front of the ears and wispy bangs. *grin* Very impish.. (Very similar to my college days) I want some colour on my scalp when fur starts flying! The looks I got whilst out shopping! Ye' just want to start talking to people about breast cancer when they stare or are rude... Dean suggested a sign or T-shirt with "Have you hugged your breast today?" or something about "Have you checked your breasts lately?" *smiles* Tempting.

Hopefully... HOPEFULLY... the last drain will come out today or tomorrow! We are planning on going to a "happening/concert" called Area2 with Moby, Bowie, etc., tomorrow. I don't need my drain flapping about! *laughs* My plastic man gave me permission to wiggle a bit at the concert, too! *more laughter*

Oh! Egad! Had 3 of the drains out last Wed... Eeeeeeek!!!! I swear ALL of my nerves originate at the site of the two under my arm!!! Need I say more?!?!? *cocks head* One left on the pubic mound and it's putting out a bit more than he'll like.. we shall see. *shrugs* THIS time, I want some form of painkiller!

Any input greatly appreciated!!! May this find you all in a good place... Be well!!!



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    Hello Marty,
    I haven't posted in some time but your message is so upbeat that I thought I'd write and wish you well. I'm finished with chemo (my regime was AC) and have Only 8 more radiation sessions to go and then it's off on holiday!! I hope that you get through the chemo as easily as I did. I didn't throw up at all from the chemo (only once but more from a migraine than from the chemicals) and wasn't too nauseous either. It hits everyone differently but I'm thinking you'll fly through it (attitude is half the battle and yours is outstanding). I had a 2;5 cm tumor and opted for tumorectomy. They didn't get a clean margin the first time so after the chemo and before the radiation, went back and operated a second time to get a bit more tissue out. I had 1 out of 12 nodes positive, E/R + and Her2neu(-).
    Radiation isn't bad at all, just a little tiring and skin is starting to get irritated but it's bearable.
    Anyway, hope you enjoyed your concert.
    All the best to you
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    Marty When I was on chemo and lost my hair I'd go out with a baseball cap. People can still tell you have no hair ... I noticed people being really nice to me. People let me go first in lines and offered up seats ... I was only 42 so it wasn't cause of my age. The other thing I thought was interesting was ... I volunteered for the Avon 3 Day walk in our area, when the walkers went down the path of the beginning of the walk I was cheering them and clapping and a lot of them came over to me (still bald but in a hat) and thanked me for volunteering and wished me luck with treatment. I saw a great documentary about some women in BC treatment in Boston. One woman made the comment that she felt like people were afraid of bald women. I think she was right ... it's not the fear of the bald head but what caused it ... chemotherapy ...which is only recommended for one disease that I know of ... cancer. BUT Hey! ... I'm fine now ... have lots of curly hair ... just colored it last night ... sorta red ... and hair is only hair! The drains are awful. I only had one which I was not informed about until after the surgery so I was suprised to see it hanging of of me. Then when I cam to the realization just how long that thing was and that they would just tug it out ... I almost passed out!! But it was good and like I said ... I was so lucky to only have one. Mary take care ... sounds like you have a great attitude ... keep on the sunny side!! Jamie
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    Hi Marty,
    I was reading your "profile" page and notice that you go to raiki. My mom did too, and she really enjoyed it, said it was the most relaxed she'd ever been especially during treatment. Keep up the good work "kicking that cancer butt!"
    p.s. My mom is almost 1 yr out of chemo and doing GREAT. it was her 2nd mastectomy, her 1st was 6 yrs prior, but she had no additional treatment at that time.This time she had "the works"!