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I have been having terrible leg cramps all night and day today, Any suggestions about how to get rid of them. Judy


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    I was told that leg cramps could be caused by a lack of potasium. Try eating a bananna. It seemed to help my mother.
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    Hi Judy. Sorry you're having more problems. I've been having leg cramps at night but not all that often but I know how painful they are. There could be several causes. Are you dehydrated? I don't know where you live but here in NY it's been up to 100 for almost a week. If you're not drinking enough and are dehydrated you can get cramps.As Mary suggested you can try bababas. Also , sometimes , leg cramps come along with hormone changes. Quinine is supposed to help but I wouldn't take anything without asking your MD. I hope this helped a bit. Feel better. Keep us updated. HUGS!! Cathy
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    Hi Judy,
    If you drink a lot of soda (doesn't matter which kind) switch to something else, like juice or water. The phosphorus in soda binds with the calcium and depletes it from your muscles, which causes cramping. I hope this helps you. Let us know.
    Love, Jayne
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    My father had same thing and I told him to start eating calcium pills with magnesium I think to help absorption. His cramps subsided allot gets the odd one now. I too get them occationally but not since I have been taking my alternative health product, you too could find something that might help.
    Be good to yourself always,