leaving Monday

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Hi all...my hubby and I are leaving Monday on our trek out west to see the National Parks. I won't be online much, but will think of you all, and pray for you every day. All the info, thoughts and prayers I have received here have helped so much...you're all wonderful! Take care, and I'll be in touch when I can! God bless, Cyndi


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    Hi Cyndi,
    Have a wonderful trip! I am from California and urge you to see Yosemite! It's one of the most beautiful national parks (I am biased,lol) There are so many beautiful parks in our nation. I pray for a rich, blessed time for you and your husband. May you rediscover the beauty of our land, and find peace and love on your travels. I know God will keep you safely in His arms while you journey on! I'll be waiting to hear how things go!
    Love, Jayne
  • maud
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    Hi Cyndi,
    You and your hubby enjoy and have a great trip. I will be thinking of you. May God keep you both safe and in his care.
    God Bless
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    Hi Cyndi,
    I hope you have a wonderful trip!! Take care of yourself and be safe. Have the time of your life:):):)