Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Hi all!

I am investigating taking a different path as I move into the radiation phase (last chemo next Weds)and I would appreciate any info or feedback you all might be able to give me about the center I am considering using. They are called the Cancer Treatment Centers of America- the one I am going to interview with is the Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois.

The procedure is Mammosite Breast Brachytherapy- where you have the device inserted and then receive internal radiation at the tumor site 2x a day for five days.

I REALLY like what I read about the center and that womens cancers are their speciality- they even (apparently) can do my reconstructive work later on for me. They use the traditional methods of course but they also investigate other avenues- use a whole body and mind appraoch which appeals to me. I have felt isolated to some degree with the set up we have had with my medical oncologists office- I feel I would like a more personal touch. I know I would like to work with someone on nutrition etc- have someone more available to answer questions I have.

So- anyone know anything about this group of centers- or do you know how I can "check them out"? Let me know- and thanks!