Newly diagnosised, decisions to make

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Hello everyone. I went in for a lumpectomy 7/25 and got the news of cancer on 7/29. It is Grade 2 infiltrating duct carcinoma, the size of the mass they took out was 1.5 cm without clean margins. Estrogen and progesterone receptors positive, Her2neu is negative. Now I have to decide on method of treatment, 1) bigger lumpectomy w/lumph node removal then chemo and radiation or 2) mastecomy w/ reconstruction and only chemo if lump nodes not involved. What do I choose? Survival rate is the same for either option. If I choose option 2 do I have reconstruction right away or have more surgery later. All you options will be helpful. No history of breast cancer in family. Haven't had any children and was planning on going to fertility specialist when they found the lump.

You can email me @ [email protected] or just response to this message. Your help is greatly appreciated. I just can't believe I have cancer. It just doesn't seem real.