mets to liver

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Has anyone else had their breast ca spread to their liver. Would like to chat to them. Judy


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    Hi, Judy. Are you O.K.? Any news? I saw your message and wanted to say hi here, right away. Talk to you soon. Praying for you always. Hugs, Marie
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    Judy -- don't know if this will help or not since it is not firsthand experience. But I have a close friend, diagnosed about the same time as I was, then found mets to Liver. She has been on weekly doses of Taxol for 14 months -- while it has not eliminated the mets -- it has thus far kept it under control. God bless you!
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    I have become friends with another woman from the same cancer clinic as I who has to face the same thing as you are. I am 5 years out of treatments for stage 3 with plenty of lymphnode involvement. I saw the fear in this woman's eyes and found myself wanting to be there for her. I know how hard it must be for you both having to face so much more. Judy you are not alone and we all are here for you. I go for walks with this older woman and am there for her to talk openly with because I know that we are unable to be open and honest with our families and all we feel. I know how talking has helped me through my struggles and only can be there to listen to another giving them a chance for relief that I found through the voice. You have been through so much and I would do anything to lesson some of your pain but know I can't. I can be here to talk with you if ever you like. All you have to do is leave a message on a time you would like to meet in chat. If it works I will let you know.
    Judy take sometime to come to terms with it all and soon you too will see there is a coarse of action they can take. Be good to yourself my dear,