Hints on staying calm during drain removal??

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'Nother question... tomorrow I should be getting my 4 drains taken out. The Plastic Man doesn't numb before removal. I've heard horror stories and I've heard others that didn't have a prob... I truly am worried I may get so worked up I'll faint! *groan*

I cannot wait to get them out but I dread it at the same time, they've been so very sensitive...

Thanks in advance for any words of advice!!!


  • cruf
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    Hi! My MD didn't numb me either. In fact, he didn't say anything about what to expect. He pulled hard and it came out. It's not pleasant but you've certainly experienced more unpleasant feelings. It's quick. Take a pain killer before you go. That will take the edge off. You'll feel so much better once they're out. Good luck! HUGS!! Cathy
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    hiya, Marty,
    i just read your LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG post...wow!!!what you've been thru. all i've had is a lumpectomy. but i do understand about those drains. i only had one. i had it for a week after i got home from the hosptal and the day my doc told me to call him about getting it out THE THING FELL OUT!!!!!!! talk about freaking out! it didn't hurt or anything but it just scared me to death. but when i went to see him he just cliipped the stitches that were left and yanked them out. OUCH!! hope it doesn't hurt much for you. God bless. Vicki :)
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    Hi Marty,
    Glad you are up and about..the best you can now. I had 2 drains. The drain from my breast removal was pretty painful. That was taken out before I left the hospital and the nurse even gave me a pain pill before she took it out. The drain from my lymp node removal was not bad because I was still so numb....but I still took a pain pill just in case. They come out quick, just take a deep breathe and it will be over likity-split.
    Hang in there.
  • shirlann
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    Well, I'm no help, mine hurt like hell, the only difference in other pain, it quit before I could yelp, "Ouch". I was SO glad to get rid of the drains I didn't care! I think my skin had grown over the sites. Now, my daughter-in-law had hers out and not a thing. She didn't feel anything. So, my dear sister, keep positive and hope for the best, but in any case, it is done in a split second! Good news! Hugs, Shirlann
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    Had 4 drains, 2 in the abdomen and 2 in the breast. The drains in the abdomen hurt cause I still had some pupic hair, the breast drains ...no problem, area was numb anyway. My doc was very quick and it was over before I knew it. Got Lortab for pain after the surgery. Hang in there, after this major surgery , getting the drains out is really not that bad. Take care....Love Emmi