Back Pain with Lymphoma

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My have has experience some very severe back pain with Lymphoma. At times it almost makes her incapable of dealing with the smalles tasks. Who else may have experienced this and did your physician prescribe pain medication and if so what?
Thanks everyone, Myron


  • myron
    myron Member Posts: 7
    My thanks to you Tcellman for that information re: back pain with Lymphoma. Sounds very much the same as what my wife is experiencing. She has received a measure of relief from Roxicet which I believe is probably the same as Perciset (spelling). But your symptoms do sound the same and we will check out those pain relievers. Thanks much and good luck to you.
  • pumkin
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    Hi, You didn't indicate where primary tumor is located or what stage. When was the last bone marrow biopsy? If this is the first round with lymphoma and not in the bone, I would suggest discussing with oncologist. Pain should be resolved or kept at a 1-2 on the pain scale. I have an abdominal tumor that is massive and I periodically take Lortab. Sometimes just extra strength tylenol will do if you keep a level up. That is the main way to manage pain. Definitely see the dr. and if no help there ask to be referred to pain management. If you are in the last stages--hospice is wonderful to address pain. I hope this helps. Pumkin