Hi, Im new and confused.

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HI my name is Aly, Im 20 years old and live in Canada. Im not sure if this is the right place for me yet... I have Lupus and recently was told that my chest CT scan showed residual tissue in my mediatinum. Added to the fact that I have abnormally high wbc since November, and a blood smear showed abnormal lymphocytes. the doctors now tell me that they think that I have a form of Lymphoma! I have had 3 separate doctors tell me this now. I am really scared about that, but it would help explain some of my weird symptoms,like night sweats, fevers, itchyness, sore swollen lymph nodes,.. chest pain, shortness of breath.. etc,
If any one has ANY support, suggestions, info, whatever, I would love to hear it.


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    I had all of your symptions except the swollen lymph nodes. I had Non-Hodgkins Lymphona that went undiagnosed for six months. They thought I had allergies. I had a very large tumor in my chest (not my lungs). I would go see an oncologist right away! the itchyness drove me crazy! I also had the shortness of breath. You need to get to an oncologist. I had chemo and radiation but am now cancer free. Please keep me updated! You can e-mail me here. I almost check it daily.
    Have your dr's suggested that you go to an oncologist?
    Good luck and try not to worry. Lia