Newly diagnosed

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Just found out I have lymphoma,do staging ext week.I'm a nurse but being on this end is totally different.Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated..


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    Hi destiny28

    I realise (as I'm sure you do) that things will get tough over the weeks and months to come. When I was treated (in the UK 20 or so years ago) chemo was still a relatively new form of treatment. I was one of 5 people undergoing the regimen and I was the only one who survived from that group. All of them (and I did know them) appeared to feel deep down that the inevitable result would be their demise. Their way of coping was acceptance of what they felt was completely inevitable. My approach was different and if you will allow me, I will relate this for you.

    Chemo for me was 3 days every 3rd week. In between, I carried on working. Then I joined a local gym and worked out 3/4 times each week but made a point of having a sauna after each session. You know, I could smell the chemo as it came out of the pores of my skin. But disgusting as it might sound, I honestly and truly felt that this was the right thing to do, for me. I also consumed large amounts of orange juice. All in all, I am certain that the program I devised with a personal trainer helped me to overcome the cancer, along of course, with the chemo.

    For years now, I have been clear and the message I would give to you is never, ever give up. If you can fight it actively with diet or exercise, then do so.

    I'd be happy to provide any further support via email. In the meantime, good luck with the treatment.