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My father, my best friend is battling his lung cancer for a year now. It has spread to his liver and adrenal glands. I now fear it has gone to his brain. He is having vision problems, and is making no sense when he talks and just can't get anything. He is failing so much right now. He sleeps all day and much of the night. He is awake maybe 4 hrs. a day, he is in such pain, however, now he is on such meds, he is drugged all the time, I am hoping that is the problme not brain cancer. I feel like I am losing my best friend, and my mom needs me so much. I do everything for them, which I never regret one minute, but I also have a husband and two small chilren. I am beginning to feel over whelmed. How can I help anyone. My father is dying and there is nothing I can do. I just want to fix it, if not forever, I just want one day with him back. I really miss him. Is this what it is like at the end? Anyone been to the bottom and bounced back?