Two year anniversary turns to BAD NEWS - please pray for me

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hi all,
sorry i've been away for so long but i was living my life to the absolute fullest. i just found out this a.m. that the **** invasive is back in my treated breast as well as dcis. i will have to have a mastectomy and not sure what to do, implant, tram, etc. i am only 35 years old, i'm single and just want to be well.
it's been a very upsetting day. has anyone had a local recurrence and had to do chemo again? i hate that ****.
please let me hear some encouraging words. i was planning my trip to europe at the end of august, first time and all and now sure i won't be able to go if i do reconstruction. i can't imagine having a prostheses as my damn breasts have been an attribute my whole life. i feel like i sound like a pathetic soul.

take care. ck