Respite from Herceptin

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Hi to all of you!
As some of you know that have been on this site as long as I have, that I have taken weekly infusions of Herceptin for the past two years. I do believe it has saved my life, but I was getting really weary going to the doctor's every week for all this time. Boy, did I get a great surprize Tuesday when I saw the oncologist. He is taking me off the Herceptin for four weeks and then will check everything to see how I am doing and decide from there about the next month. I am doing so good right now and am so grateful to God for letting me have this four weeks even if that is all there is. I never take anything for granted any more - not the bad nor the good things.
I went into the oncologist's office determined to tell him I didn't think I needed any more Taxol because I was feeling so 'well', and WOW he not only agreed about the Taxol, but added the Herceptin. I already feel free even if I do have to go back for an infusion of Aredia, but I can manage that fine just once a month. Thank all of you for praying for me. The power of prayer is so awesome. I think I have said that many times before, but it is truly worth repeating. I just thank God for all His love and awesome power. We have to remember he is the 'potter' and we are the 'clay'; and we have to be acceptable of His will and not our own.
God bless each of you and may He fill your hearts with joy and wonder. I just want everyone to feel as happy as I do this very minute. I would turn a cartwheel if I was physically able (too old and stiff or that is my excuse now, come to think of it I never could turn a decent cartwheel, even when I was twelve years old - who cares, it's the thought that counts). I thank God for all of your prayers and support. You are a wonderful group to be a part of. I think we could make it together even on a deserted island.
Love and hugs,


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    Here I am again praising the LORD, but your news is great and knowing that HE had a hand in it, we have to praise HIM!!
    Every time I read of good news like yours, it reminds me that we all have hope, thank you so much for sharing. LOVE AND GOD BLESS YOU----Flo
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    Praise God! What WONDERFUL news!!! I am so pleased that you get a break. I never could turn a cartwheel either, but what a great thought. Have a GREAT month!

    Love, prayers and hugs,

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    I just have three words for you. PRAISE THE LORD! What wonderful news. Every victory is worth celebrating, so I am celebrating with you. God is a good God. Right now He is smiling down on you and saying, "Way to go girl" or something like that. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and I hope you do the same for me. Again, congratulations! Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless,
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    Brenda, So glad you are getting a rest from the chemo and I know you will enjoy this time to the fullest. I agree that prayer is powerful. I know that GOD does not always answer us in the way we ask, but he does hear and he does help us accept. You have an amazing faith and that is what has sustained you through all this period. I got a card from Jean and she was physically tired and hoping to last the month. I am so glad she got to make this trip and she WILL last the month, I am sure. It will be such fun to hear about the trip. I told her to keep a journal. Sending you love, Nancy
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    Brenda thanks for sharing all your feeling and I am so glad that it has improved for you. You are such a strong woman and your determination has given us all some a good lesson. I pray that you too will only have improved health and make sure you pray for those little cells to start their healing.
    Be good to yourself,
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    Hi Brenda,
    What a blessing God is so good all the time AMEN!!!!!!!!!!He meets our every need and knows just what we need and when we need it. I am so happy for you, I could never do a cartwheel either a pretty good handstand though LOL.Glad to hear that all is going well with you and I will still keep you in my prayers. You take care of you and enjoy your respite.Keep us posted.
    Love and God Bless
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    Brenda, just read of your two years of Herceptin. I have had only three weeks so far and I am receiving Herceptin simply because of Her2 overexpressiveness even though I have no mets. Did you have any problems with shortness of breath? I have a friend whose profile is almost identical to mine and her doctor won't give her Herceptin because of the risk to her heart. It is always frustrating to make these medical decisions when even the doctors don't agree on the same treatments. As we know, God is in control and that is my only comfort.
    Thanks, Pauletta (I am new to this discussion group.)