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Hi to all. Came through surgery ok, but had a bad asthma attack right after the surgery. Am sore but that will get better. Thanks to all for the prayers. Judy


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    hiya, Judy,
    glad you're home. take it easy and rest. here's a soft hug and a gentle squeeze. God bless. Vicki :)
  • 24242
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    Glad to hear from you Judy. I am glad you made it through this phase alright. I know that surgery can cause some side affects and am sorry you had to have an attack at this time. I imagine you are very sore.
    Thanks so much for writing us and letting us know about you. We are here for you girl just as you have been for others. Hang in there you are on the mend and remember to get moving around soon it will help with recovery.
    Be good to yourself,
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    Judy, very glad to hear that all went well. make sure you take care of yourself . So what is the next step now,will they replace the implant? Best of Luck with recovery. God Bless...karin
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    Hi Judy,
    So glad to hear everthings fine after the surgery. Take it easy and stay healthy.

    Hugs from Carolyn
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    I came here today just hoping there was a post from you. So glad that things went okay. Sorry about the asthma attack.
    Sending healing thoughts your way..Diane
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    Best wishes Judy, glad you are gonna be OK. Let us know what's next. Take care, rest up....lots of hugs.....Emmi