Discrimination against cancer victims...can you help?

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I'm 21 yrs. old & had surgery for cancer 2 months ago & am going into Chemo now. I don't know my prognosis, I can deal with this; but I can't deal with the discrimination...I've been playing a free virtual pet online site daily for the past 2 yrs. (Neopets), and since my cancer, playing there was one of the few things I could still enjoy and do. But last week, I said I had cancer at their message board & Neopets deleted me from their site! I've written to them & received no response. This may seem trivial when facing cancer, but I also just lost my beloved dog of 9 yrs. on June 20th and the virtual pets I had developed and played at Neopets helped me with both my grieving process & my coping with my cancer. If anyone could help me regain my "account" there or write to them on my behalf, I wouldn't feel so helpless in this...having cancer is enough to deal with, being denied a simple pastime because of cancer is cruel and discriminatory. Thank You.


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    I am sorry you had to deal with this inconsideration more than anything. Some people feel it is negativity and don't want any part of it though it is apart of this life of ours. Unfortunately they too will have to face such a thing in one way or another and hope they are spared the same treatment. It is a simple pleasure that you have a right to and know how you must feel. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that we get our pleasures from. Don't know how one can change this except to talk openely about it since there was a time silence, was a form of denial.
    Good luck,
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    Let me reply in terms of explaining why it may have occured, besides the fear of cancer and what you might do about it. Most internet sites are private. The one piece of information I do not know is whether you paid a fee for this. I am no lawyer but this is what I know, from some "real world" business experience. First, if you have paid and they didn't give you an explanation or refund, you can call the district attorney's office or write out a complaint which essentially is the organization didn't keep up its end of the bargain.
    It is more difficult if this is a free site. And sometimes these groups (which may not be companies at all) get nervous when there are "personal" postings for everyone to see. And they worry about being liable, though again if it is an "unincorporated site" with no income it is all more difficult.
    The easiest solution, if you want to return is to return anonymously. If it is a fee, use a second credit card or get someone else to put it on their credit card for you. I suspect it is not a large monthly fee. Then play the game without revealing who you are, or except, privately to your cyber friends.
    If you would like to email me to talk more about this, please send it to me at [email protected].
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    I don't know what to tell you about being deleted from that site, but I did want to sympathize with you about your dog. I was lucky enough to keep my little dog for 17 years and she stayed in good health up to the last 6 months. It hurts so bad to loose a pet that you have gotten so close to. Maybe in a few more months you will feel like freeing a puppy or adult dog from the animal shelter. They make cancer treatments and the depression that can be a part of this terrible journey so much easier to bear. I now have a cat, and he seems to know when I need cheering up especially during the time when I was on chemo. Pets really are sensitive to their master's needs.
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this journey - just remember you are not alone, there are many of us that are thinking about you and praying for you, even though we do not know your name, because God does and that is the important thing.