Risks factors

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Isn't it amazing all we know about risk factors now that we have had the disease. I only remember one thing being a risk for cancer and that was the birth control pill. How many of us have taken that? How many other things have we taken or done to put ourselves at risk? LOTS the doctor is right being a woman is the greatest risk of them all.


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    Amen, Tara!!!!!!! Vicki :)
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    I agree! I would have had a lot of lifestyle changes had I known of the risks beforehand!! I took the pill for 14 years, and never had any kids, so that's a double-whammy! I used to be able to stow away quite a lot of beer years ago....wouldn't have done it! I don't think I would have had a baby just to prevent it, but I wouldn't have taken the pill that long. And, I would have paid more attention to my weight for years instead of just losing it now. Wow....I think maybe there whould be more emphasis on breast cancer in health classes in school....I know it would have changed me a lot to know ahead of time! Have a good day...Cyndi