back to work/fatiged and bleeding

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i can't beleive my m.d. can't extend this dang sdi that i paid into i'm just so tired i went to a b.c. support group today wwas out 4 hours and im exhausted!i took a nap...and im waiting for a return call from my employer as to set up a schedual to return to work...what do i say.. it is obvios to me i cannot pull a 40 hour week my dr says to try it and that she could put adjust the order to return accordingly. well what do i tell work!!! schedual me part time? as i know i will fail an attempt at a 40 hour schedual...or attempt the 40 and fall on my face! i'm angry that i cannot have off work for one more month as i will be having another deproluprin shot and a endometrio oblassion (which they say only requires 2 days off work)
my work doesn't even want me back if im still feeling sick....ugggghhhhh cowabunga


  • shirlann
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    Hi, Kathy, throw a right royal fit in the docs waiting room. Just faint on the floor. You have seen enough movies, this is ridiculous. Cry, sob, pull out all the stops. Your body is telling you to take it easy and you can't afford to compromise your immune system. Hugs, Shirlann
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    So sorry you are having so much trouble. and I don't have any advise for you,except to take care of you, because no one else will.
    I think if I were you and it were possable, I would find another Dr.
    Will keep you in my prayers, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU----FLO
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    Hi Kathy,
    So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well and have to return to work. Shirlann's suggestion is worth a try. Do you have an understading employer? Maybe you can talk to them and take more time off. Hope you find a solution that will good for you.

    Hugs from Carolyn
  • banker
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    Hi Kathy, sorry you are still not feeling well. Shirlann has a good suggestion, tell your Doc you are NOT READY yet. It is your body and its telling you to rest. Maybe another Doc. might be the answer? I wish I could help you. I'd go with you to your doctor. My docs are so understanding. Its hard to believe yours don't seem to be . I hope you find an answer. God bless you.Love Emmi
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    Kathy, did you onco do up blood work to see if your anemic. I was also exhausted all the time after chemo and was put on procrit, it really helped. I hope this helps, take care and be good to yourself.