ac to tx...

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legs hurting, but boyfriend helping. anybody at this stage of chemo?


  • grandma
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    To taxotere? yes and it makes you ache all over, had to reduce my dose. is a little better, I take Tylenol and vicodine for pain. it helps.
    I am almost finished with treatments, one more to go!!!
    I wish you luck with the rest of many do you have left? 3? LOVE HUGS AND PRAYERS---FLO
  • pamtriggs
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    I went from Adriamycin straight on to Taxotere (Taxol) & it sure was tough but you can make it. The limb pain is par for the course with Taxol. It does get better. So do the weepy eyes & the gut pain. If it is really getting you down ask for a slightly reduced dose or for more steroid help. That really eases the symptoms. But take one thing from this. The Taxol (Taxoter) really seems t work. Its the only treatment that has given me a gliimer of hope after all these years. Hang on in there. Love & HUgs