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Wow what an emotional weekend!!!!! My plan was to tell my parents and brothers that I had BC and that the chemo and radiation was the end and all was well. Instead I had to tell them that the BC had moved to the liver and that the doctors say it is not curable but would also not give me a time frame. My parents are in there 70's and I wanted to shield them from this pain, but I guess that is not in God's plan.

It feels so wierd to know you will die soon but not really know if it will be next month, next year, or what!!! I know anyone can die at anytime but this is wierd.

Thanks for your prayers.


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    hiya, Scuter,
    i know that must have been really tuff for you to say and them to hear. i knew a really sweet lady at my church that died of cancer. i'm not sure if it started out as BC but when she passed it was in her liver and lungs. she said something to me that really made me think about things and this was way before i was dxed. she said that she didn't know how long she had but she wasn't about to tell friends and family good-bye....she was going to make memories. she spent alot of time doing special things that would be a sweet memory of her. just remember it's God's time...make it special. sending God's love, BIG hugs and lots of prayers your way. God bless. Vicki :)
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    Hi Scuter, must have been rough on you and your family, I am so sorry. But I hope you stay positive. Will they give you additional treatment? I met a lday during my radiation treatments, she also received rads. for liver cancer to shrink the tumor, She was doing very well. I hope and pray for you. Take care of yourself, if you need support we are here for you. Or if you just want to talk... Love Emmi
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    Scuter...I dont know about cancer in the liver and about time frames but I wanted to share that my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 1/2 years ago and when they went on to operate- it was hopeless and they expected he would just die. Which was VERY hard to take...our mom died not so long ago. BUT the thing I want to tell you is that he is still alive with his uncurable cancer- and he is doing really well. No- it isnt gone- but I cant explain it...he just decided he wasnt ready to go and had things left to do. He runs his business still and he has a hobby- he shows hot rods and even sponsors a Road Run in his town every year I a HUGE job)plus he has a wife- my step mom (7years younger than me but she is great)- who he hopes to be with for a long long time.

    DO NOT GIVE UP! God's plan is sometimes mysterious all right ...and my dad says ATTITUDE is everything. Try hard to find ways to be positive and have reasons to live- that is his advice. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Take care of yourself.

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    Hi Scuter My breast ca has also gone to my liver. That was 3 years ago and I am still alive and kicking. I do everything I want to do I even take myself to chemo. So please don't give up. My motto is You can worry about dying and do nothing or you can live your life untol you die. I choose to live my life and I really hope you do too. If you need someone to talk to please e=mail me. [email protected] Judy
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    Scuter, it doesn't have to be you waiting to die, doctors aren't God and don't know everything. I think you could find a few folk who have beaten all the odds and nothing to say you couldn't be one of them. I think throwing your hands up and accepting this as is, is a sure way to meet the end. There are things out there that people do to try and increase their chances. If it is in the medical system you might have to go outside your usual means and look at alternative therapies, vitamins and alternative health products. You could live along time with this is that what you choose to do. I am glad to see that God is in the picture.
    Here for you always,
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    Who says you are going to die. The doctors don't know for sure. If they did how could they explain so called "miracle remissions". Please realise that by accepting what they say you are giving your body a message to die. Please give it a message to live. Try reading Dr.Bernie Seagal's books "Love, Medicine & Miracles" & Love Peace & Healing. They are written by am MD & are all about the so called miracle cures & how you can become one. Please banish all thoughts of dying. Rosa had mets that moved to the liver & OK she didn't make it but she had 2 1/2 years more than the doctors gave her because she refused to accept what they said. Love & hugs to you in your fight.