side effects of radiation

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Thanks to those who responded to my initial message on hearing from those who had lumpectomy and radiation. I am still interested in the long term effects (3,5 years) of radiation on the heart and lungs.


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    Not even the doctors are concerned about the affects. I think we all must realize what happens to one doesn't always happen to another. You could be the lucky one and avoid many of the side affects. Knowing all I did didn't stop me from having the treatments and YES I had many of them. I am alive and breathing that is truly all that really matters to me.
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    Hi, don't know the long term effects on radiation, but my Radiation onc. explained the machine to me, it is 3 dimentional, computerized, and a program is set up for the exact area that needs the radiation, less chance of burning lungs and other organs. I finished Rads in may, doing fine, I am on chemo now. Take care...Emmi