Plastic Surgeon recommending Becker Implants

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Hey ladies, returned from plastic surgeon visit talked about immediate reconstruction following bilateral mastectomy. Surgeon is suggesting Becker Implants (silicon) which would be implanted immediately. One surgery instead of two (expander and inserting implants). Does anyone have these Becker Implants in place? Any information you can share. Thanks


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    Hi, dear, believe me I am no expert, but I watch a lot of surgery on the discovery channels and I had understood that no one was using silicone anymore. If they break, you can have the crap all over your body, in your lungs, brain, etc., etc. Maybe your doc knows something new? But I would sure check it out carefully. The saline filled ones, if they break or leak, do not harm the body. Anyway, I don't want to add to your fears and problems, just be sure you get a second opinion and research all the issues. Hugs, SHirlann
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    I had my surgery last August 9, right breast mastectomy, and had the Becker implant put in place immediately. I am part of a study for these. I don't know about other types of implants or other kinds of re-construction but I can tell you my implant is round & firm. It doesn't give or move much...uncomfortable at times. I have been trying to connect with someone like me to share stories. The expansion has taken place over a period of about 6 months. I am finally scheduled on July 24th to have the filler port removed. Find out where the port will be placed. Mine is on my right side and feels like a marble under my skin. Makes it very difficult to sleep on my right side. Luckily I am relatively small busted (the one that's left) so I did not have to have a lot pumped in. At least now when I'm dressed, I'm proportional. Please keep in touch ([email protected]). I would love to hear from you. Good luck on your surgery. God Bless....kathie
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    I have mcghan shaped silicone implants. I had expanders put in then three months later had the silicone implants. My plastic surgeon recommended the expander - implant two phased approach to help create the pocket for the permanent implant. by expanding and letting the space heal before the permanent implant is put in place, helps prevent capsuler constraction.
    I am very happy with the silicone implants. You have to agree to be part of a study to have silicone. (although I think this requirement was ending sometime in the next year or two?)
    good luck....keep us posted...