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I was diagnosed in October 2001 and have been undergoing chemo with Cpt-11/FU5/and another drug that accompanies FU5. I don't seem to get straight answers from my doctor especially when I has what my survival rate is. He claims he's not god so he can answer that question. I had a CT-Scan in April which showed that there was no change in my tumers on my liver. I'm wondering if there are any survivers who have undergone the same symptoms as mine. Everything I read about stage IV tells me that the survival rate for 5 years is 8%. I want to fight for survival and begin living all over again. I hope there is someone out there that can give me hope.



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    If your doctor isn't giving you the answers you seek then begin doing your own research and finding your own answers. Search in the alternatives. There are many survival stories with cancer--do not give up hope!

    My friend's son was sent home to die of cancer from Mayo at 18 months of age. His cancer had octopus like tentacles that spread out and adheared to many organs. Inoperable. She took him home and started a strict and aggressive regime of mega vitamins and juicing carrots. He is alive ten years later. the tentacles receded and his tumor is encapsulated. She wrote a book, "Your Child Does Not Have To Die" and followed up with a 'how to' book.

    Have you ever heard of the "Juice Man"? He had cancer and started juicing and lived. Dr. Lorraine Day had cancer and started juicing and eating raw foods and she is alive today. ( These are just a few examples.

    Buy a juicer and start jucing carrots and veggies and taking vitamins. See what happens. It's worth trying! Visit your local coop and buy organic.

    If your doc isn't giving you hope then seek your hope elsewhere. Don't allow him to take that from you.

    A fantastic book to help you while you are doing your treatments is "Beating Cancer With Nutrition" by Dr. Patrick Quillin. It has been stupendous for me.

    Please do not wait for your doctor to educate you on your cancer--educate yourself!

    I had Stage III colon cancer and I had to research WAY beyond the little pamphlets they hand out in the oncologist's office. I too want to fight for survival especially since my sister died of my same cancer 10 years ago and she was not given hope by her docs at Mayo. Nor did she educate herself. She kept a positive attitude but it was not enough.

    Biggest advice for any cancer patient: STAY OFF SUGAR!! Cancer feeds on sugar--but they don't tell you this in the doctor's office. So STARVE your cancer!

    I'll pray of you.

    peace, emily
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    I was diagnosed in late Sept. with colon cancer. They removed a 9" section of my colon and said they got it all and no chemo would be necessary.
    In June 2002 I decided to get another CEA blood test done. Before my surgery this leverl was 13 after surgery it dropped to 4.5. After my latest test it was 53.5. My gastroentorologist called me at work when he got the results and immediately scheduled me for a cat-scan, mri and colonscopy.
    The colonoscopy came back negative but I now have a 4cm growth on my liver. Surger will be scheduled soon.
    I don't know where you live but here in North Idaho the doctors are great. They call me, they've given me their home phone number, their pager number. At with my latest colonoscopy the doctor re-arranged his personal schedule so I could get the procedure done on my schedule.
    I will know more about my prognosis on the 17th and will let you know. I won't meet with the oncology specialist until after my surgery. When I do I will relay your question to them.
    Question: is your liver tumors inoperable?
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    Hi Anna, I was diagnosed in Dec. 2001. The tumors on my liver are tenacious but so am I. I received the same treatment you did. They were stopped in June due to the toxicity of the chemo to my system. Since then 3 more tumors have evolved which we will be treating directly as opposed to systemically. Since the treatment was very successful the first time (8 tumors down to 3 very small) I believe this treatment will be helpful. Dr. Bernie Seigel has written two wonderful books about cancer survivors that promise to give anyone who reads them a sense of hope and promise. He tells stories of his own patients who he believed to be beyond help, who not only survived but became cancer free dispite all odds. So, read these accounts and hang in there. I did and I am! Celia