DCIS, Invasive DCIS and LCIS

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Well I posted a couple of weeks ago being newly diagnosed with DCIS. I have spoken with the doctor team at the breast cancer center. I have multifocal, multiple cancers in each beast. Bilateral mastectomy is treatment with immediate reconstruction (implants). How long of a recuperation period with double mastectomy? Does everyone get those drain tubes? So gross. Meeting with the plastic surgeon on Tuesday. From your experience are there any watch outs I should find out about with reconstruction. So far you ladies have been wonderful with your sharing.


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    Hi there,
    I didn't have a double mastectomy but just my left breast but did have 2 drains. One for my breast drainage and one for my node drainage. I went home with one and man...I have to tell you..getting those drains out I think were FOR ME was one of the worst things. I didn't get any reconstruction so I can't be of help there. I do wish you the best and God Bless
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    Computer went mental...sorry
    Hi, I dont know what happened there with those messages, I think my computer went mental! ANYWAYS... I had a Bilateral Mastectomy with immidiate reconstruction with expanders. There is so much to the experience. The actual expansion I am going thru now is worse than the surgery. I had surgery 2/13, still expanding, should be done in another month. I had three drains, they were definately a pain! I all goes by so fast though, and you have to keep focused on the final outcome, WELLNESS. I've also been thru 4 round A/C. I will be glad to talk with you email me... [email protected] if you like or I can give you my phone and I will be glad to talk to you. You will get thru it! OH, I was out of the hospital in four days, I was up on my feet in my own PJ's the day after surgery, and it was about 2 weeks and I had all of my drains out and was feeling better fast!
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    Hi. I had a mastectomy. I also had drain tubes. My concern is the implants. I have one and am having it removed July the 15th. It has busted and is causing pain in my chest and under my arm, so be very careful. Judy
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    Make sure you have lots of help around the house for at least three to four weeks. Plan on being out of commission for 4 - 6 weeks. (I couldn't push a vacuum cleaner for 6 months or drive a stick shift)
    The drains really suck but are a necessary evil. You will feel 1000% better when you get them out. Getting them out is really painful so make sure you have someone with you who will hold your hand and let you squeeze like hell! When talking to your plastic surgeon, make sure s/he offers both saline and silicone implants so you have a choice when the time comes to remove the expanders. good luck!
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    I had the right breast removed and tram flap reconstruction three months ago. I had three drains and left hospital with two still in place. To be honest I dreaded them more than anything else. Perhaps I was just very lucky but they really weren't all that bad, either coping with them or having them removed. Hope all goes well with your surgery.
    Lots of love Liza.
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    I responded to your question about the drain belt. However, now I just got to your earlier question. Please take it easy and rest after your surgery. I would plan on it taking six weeks to start feeling up to par. It took me that long, but I had extensive pelvic surgery in addition to the bilateral. I was emailing this site for help right after the surgery discouraged by how I felt. Everyone responded by telling me to take it easy. They were right.

    I didn't have a lot of pain from the bilateral, but I did have a lot of unpleasant prickly sensations across my chest in the beginning. The nurse during a follow up visit suggested that I wear a cotton t-shirt close to my skin under any other clothing. It really helped. The cotton being against my skin stopped a lot of the prickly sensations.

    I had my surgery November 15 and still don't have any real feeling across my chest. I can put ice on my chest and not feel the cold. I am starting to get a little feeling back in my armpits.

    Also it will take a while to get the full range of motion back in your arms. I have always been tall and able to reach high places. Thus our kitchen has a million items stored on top of cabinets, etc. Boy do I respect hight now. My husband has become my arms for high reaching. My brother and sister-in-law came to visit at Christmas she is extremely small. I kept asking my husband to reach for her. I had never thought about it before, but it sure has brought things into perspective for me.

    Love, prayers and hugs,