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i just came from the doc thing look good it like the ac is kicking the cancer in butt i had my last one 3weeks ago. i had my first taxoter today i hope it works just has well.bad news my cancer has been upped to stage4 butmy hopes still run high i have a great support team with eric my family and friends sorry ihave not written more often but i am not good at this sort of thing and i needed time to adjust to the news . best wishes laura


  • cathdavis
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    Laura, keep thinking as positively as you can and know that all of us are here for you. This site is so great for helping all of us to know we're not our hopes and fears and whatever else may come our way with this disease. Good luck and I know I speak for all in saying, keep us posted...we care!!
    Cathy in FL
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    Hey Laura. I too am stage 4 & 21 years on from first DX. So hang on in there. The Taxotere did kick my mets in the butt. Not completely but they have slunk away to think about it for a while. I am enjoying the partial remission. You too can beat this. Lots of luck