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Hi all,
I am still hanging on. Vicky, I was suprised to read your post and it was asking about me. Thanks you and all of you for thinking of me. I am doing good. I had a 5th chemo last Friday and am going to my OB today to make plans for my c-section. I think it will be on the 11th, so 2 more weeks. :-)... getting kinda scared but all will be fine because I have so many wonderful people praying for me. I will keep you all posted.
God Bless, Angel


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    hiya, Angel!
    glad to hear that all is well. 2 weeks!!!! it will be here before you know it. i had a c-sec. i'm a wimp when it comes to pain. if i can have another child i think i would do it again. i'll be praying that all goes well. God bless. Vicki :)
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    Hi Angel! Glad everything is going well. Can't wait for this baby to arrive! I get so excited when people are having babies. Let us know as soon as you can. We'll be impatiently waiting! HUGS!! Cathy
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    Hello Angel, glad you are well, a few weeks and counting.How's that baby's room coming along? I bet your so excited. Wishing you the best and a safe delivery. Let us know how it all went as soon as you are able. God Bless you and the little angel !! Karin