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I am losing the desire to live. I can live with the cancer but it is the pain control that I am having trouble with. The pain is wiping out any ambition to do anything other than lay in bed or the recliner. They have put me on a duragesic but it does not seem to have the effect of the tablets, but even the tablets were not controling the pain. Any thoughts on other means of controling the pain.


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    Have you tried Ativan with the pain meds? That combination sometimes helps me when I have bad abdominal cramping. Have you tried different types of pain meds, like extended release, with breakthrough pain? All the books I've consulted say that there's no reason to have bad pain management, that it's sometimes a case of your physician not knowing enough about what to put you on. Ask in your cancer center if there's a pain specialist you can consult. Something less concrete, but definitely powerful, is meditation. I know it definitely calms my pain when I do breathing exercises to a CD my sister gave me. Please write back.