Is it the A/C or Tamoxifen?

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This seems an insignificant question in view of what we all have went through -- I'm thankful I am doing fine now -- it has been a year since chemo (A/C followed by Taxol) and all my scans were clean. I have been taking Tamoxifen for 9 months -- while I feel much like my "old self" I notice that my nails are still soft and discolored and my hair breaks off easily - especially when showering. (However, I'm glad to just have hair :) Has anyone experienced these side effects following chemo or while taking tamoxifen? Thanks. God bless each of you!


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    It may be neither. I finished chemo in November and am on Arimidex. Have the doc check your thyroid levels. I did and found mine were low so I am now on a low dose of synthroid. Could explain some of your other symptoms. good luck and God Bless. Don't take anything that happens as insignificant. Find the answer & get it fixed.
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    Kathie has a very good point. I too have a low thyroid which can cause the symptoms you mentioned. I had AC & Taxotere and take Tamoxifen (1 year) ... I noticed strange things with my nails shortly after chemo but that grew out. Check out the thyroid situation. Good Luck. Jamie
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    Ya know what? I never gave the tamoxifen a thought.....I never had chemo, but have recently been losing a lot of hair every day when I either wash and/or comb. I had heard you are supposed to lose about 100 hairs a day, and I don't know if it's because my hair is now shoulder-length that it just seems like so much, or if the tamoxifen is causing it. I will be asking my oncologist. Thanks for bringing this up, because I never would have attributed it to the cnacer stuff since I didn't have chemo, but you made me wonder enough now to talk to the doc. I hope you find an answer, too. Best wishes, Cyndi