Chemo and Tamoxifen weight gain

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I have recently managed to lose twenty-five pounds healthfully even though I've been thru the chemo and just started 2/14/02 tamoxifen. I am walking thirty minutes briskly at least 3x a week. I also bought Dr. Atkins paperback book and read it cover to cover carefully. The diet is a lifestyle change and does have four components. The first phase called "induction" is more strict, but I've learned to cook within the parameters and have recreated comfort foods substituting cauliflower instead of the macaroni for my non-pasta macaroni and cheese. The key is you cannot do this half way. If you follow his plan you eliminate sugar, starches -bread, flour, potato,corn etc., and fruit initially. Eventually, you learn what your tolerances are and can begin to add back some fruit (basically the antioxidant ones: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries.
I make my own jello, chocolate cheesecakes, pancakes, brownies and use Splenda and Stevia for my sugar substitutes. I have dramatically improved my cholesterol, blood pressure is normal, calcium levels are excellent and am continuing my weight loss comfortably.
Good luck to you.


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    I just wanted to add that grapes are also full of anti oxidents and nutriants. I too have lost 40lbs but initially it wasn't with good health. Now I am keeping the last 25 of those lbs off with exercise as well. I have always watched what I eat so amazed I got so heavy even through chemo. Now I row and do light weights and now I am loosing inches and not the weight. I can't remember exercises anymore so video workouts are terrific to follow along with. I urge all women to keep moving and walking while treatments going on and then find something you like doing and do it. I will tell you it does me good and another month of forcing workouts because I am still not feeling good but I do it and I am shaping my body like it never has been before. I guess if I am stuck feeling **** I just might as well have a great body and still feel ****.
    I want to get up to four times a week before I go back to work so that I will have the strength to carry this body around.
    Good work Iris amazing you have been able to do that while still in pain. You have been treating yourself well.
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    Hi Iris and all
    I have finally been able to budge a few lbs off as well by following a low carb eating plan. I found a cookbook called Lauri's Low Carb Cooking that really got me motivated. I have hypothyroidism or risistant metabolism as the author calls it. The fewer carbs the more weight you loose and water is also very key. BUT ... my worry is ... yes I can't just be happy ... most of the "breast cancer diets" recomend low fat diets. It gets tricky eating no carb, low fat. My oncologist actually said to go high protein/low carb so I am. But what do you all think about the contradication with what the "cancer diets" say? Thinking of you all.
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    Way to go Iris!!!! You go girl!! Keep up the good work, and good luck with the program! Cyndi